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Please note! We do not sell receivers. We are offering links to the software that will open the receivers so don't be confused and expect a receiver.

We have added 24 hour online support if you have problems getting set up! Just chat with one of the experts. It is free with your purchase!

I was just experimenting last week, and found out the PVR that opens Dishnet and Bell Expressvu (see list of channels below) also has a built in ATSC decoder, so I can record the local HD (1080i) digital channels. My on air stations are 21 in total which I get with a simple HD antennae. I tried my 3 dollar rabbit ears which brought in the same channels, but I wanted something more weather resistant so I purchased an inexpensive HD antennae. The channels are all free, non coded channels so anyone can get them with the new TV's as they have the built in ATSC convertor. But the best part was finding out that I have 7 PBS channels. All the channels can be recorded on the satellite PVR (as it has a local channel antennae scan) and then if you want, you can edit and burn to a DVD with any basic editing software. These file can be copied to you pc, or just bring the external drive that is connected to the pvr and edit right from that without copying any files at all. How sweet. What could be more simpler. Now I guess here is the info you are seeking.

For $150 US I am offering the following 3 items (receiver not included)

1) Software to open channels of Dish and Bell. This list is always getting larger and larger and this is not the complete channel list but it gives you an idea of what you will receive. See the following 2 lists that you can open with your receiver with your purchase. You can receive Both Dish and Bell on the same receiver. All the info when you purchase.

Here are some of the Dish Channles That Are up. The list gets bigger all the time!

010 ABC NY

0020 CBS NY

0030 NBC NY

0040 MyTV NY

0050 CW NY

0060 FOX NY

100 Home Interactive

0101 Network FYI

0102 Preview  Channel

0104 Sat Response Interactive

0105 USA Network

0106 TV Land

0107 Comedy Central

0108 Lifetime

0109 Lifetime Movie Network

0110 Food Network

0111 Do It Yourself

0112 Home & Garden

0113 Fine Living

0114 E!

0115 Style

0116 Game Show Network

0117 TV Guide Network

0118 A & E

0119 Biography  Channel  

0120 History  Channel

0121 History Int.

0122 Sci-Fi

0123 Sirius Music Promo

0124 Black Ent.

0125 Pirtv

0127 Oxygen Network

0128 Women's Ent.

0129 Bravo

0130 American Movie Classics

0131 Independent Film

0132 Turner Classic Movies

0133 Fox Movies

0134 SHNBC

0135 BBC America

0136 FX sap

0138 Turner Network

0139 TBS Superstation

0140 ESPN

0141 ESPN Alternate

0142 ESPNews

0143 ESPN Classic

0144 ESPN 2

0145 ESPN Alternate

0146 ESPN 2 Alternate

0147 ESPN Alternate

0148 ESPN U

0149 Fox Soccer  Channel

0150 Speed  Channel

0152 CBS Collage Sports

0153 Outdoor  Channel

0154 NFL Network

0155 FUEL

0157 Ovation

0158 Fuse

0159 Si TV

0160 Music TV

0161 Music TV 2

0162 Video Hits-1

0163 VH-1 Classic

0166 Country Music

0167 Great American Country

0168 Spike TV

0169 Noggin

0170 Nick/Nick at Nite

0171 Nick/Nick at Nite (W)

0172 Disney  Channel

0173 Disney Ch (W)

0174 Disney XD

0175 Boomerang

0176 Cartoon Network

0178 Nicktoons

0179 Discovery Kids

0180 ABC Family

0182 Discovery  Channel

0183 Learning  Channel

0184 Animal Planet

0185 Hallmark  Channel

0186 National Geography

0187 Hallmark Movie

0188 Soap Net

0189 Discovery Health

0190 Fox Reality

0191 G4- Video Game

0192 Investigation Discovery

0193 Science  Channel  

0194 Planet Green

0195 Military  Channel

0196 Current Tv

0197 Documentary  Channel  

0199 Chiller TV

0200 CNN


0202 Headline News

0203 Bloomberg TV US

0204 TruTV

0205 Fox News  Channel

0206 Fox Bussiness HDTV

0208 CNBC US

0209 MSNBC

0210 C-SPAN

0211 C-SPAN 2

0212 EARTH

0213 NASA Select TV

0214 Weather  Channel

0215 Travel  Channel

0216 ion Television

0218 MERC

0219 American Auction

0220 Shop Latino

0221 LSHOP

0222 Home Shopping

0223 Satellite Response Net

0224 Shop At Home

0225 C&T

0226 Games TV

0227 Jewerly TV

0229 Gem Shopping Net

0230 InCite TV

0231 RFD TV

0239 WGN America

0240 NPS Info

0259 Inspiration Network

0260 Trinity Broadcasting

0261 Eternal Word

0262 Angel One

0263 Daystar

0264 KTV & Spirit TV

0265 China Central TV 9

0266 Angel 2

0270 Univision (E)

0271 Telefutura (E)

0272 Telefutura (O)

0273 Galavisión (Este)

0280 ion Television


0299 Reelz  Channel

0300 HBO (East)

0301 HBO 2 (East)

0302 HBO Signature

0303 HBO (West)

0304 HBO-2 (West)

0305 HBO Family

0307 HBO Comedy

0309 Home Box Office Latino

0310 CineMAX (E)

0311 CineMAX (W)

0312 MoreMAX

0313 Action MAX

0314 5 Star MAX

0318 Showtime (E)

0319 Showtime (W)

0320 Showtime Too

0321 Showtime Showcase

0322 Showtime Extreme

0323 Showtime Beyond

0327 The Movie  Channel  (E)

0328 The Movie  Channel  Xtra (E)

0329 The Movie  Channel  (W)

0330 The Movie  Channel  Xtra (W)

0332 Sundance

0333 FLIX

0340 Encore (E)

0341 Encore (W)

0342 Encore Western

0343 Encore Action

0344 Encore Mystery

0345 Encore Drama

0346 Encore Love

0347 Encore WAM

0350 STARZ (E)

0351 STARZ (W)

0352 STARZ Edge

0353 STARZ Cinema (E)

0354 STARZ Comedy (E)

0355 STARZ in Black

0356 STARZ Kids & Family

0400 Tennis  Channel

0401 Golf  Channel

0403 NHL Network

0404 Horse Racing TV

0405 Games (Horse Racing)

0415 Fox Sports Arizona

0448 Sports Alternate

0449 Sports Alternate

0450 Sports Alternate

0451 Sports Alternate

0452 Sports Alternate

0453 Sports Alternate

0454 PPV Sports


0455 PPV Sports

0456 PPV Sports

0457 PPV Sports

0465 PPV Sports

0466 PPV Sports

0467 PPV Event Pre-Order

0468 PPV Event Pre-Order

0469 PPV Event Pre-Order

0470 PPV Event Pre-Order

0487 Playboy Español

0488 Playboy

0489 Playboy Preview

0490 Adult Guard Support

0492 REAL

0493 Fresh!

0494 Juicy

0495 RKing

0496 Hustler

0498 XTSY

0499 Preview XXX


0500 PPV Guide

































0561 NBA League Pass

0562 NBA League Pass

0563 NBA League Pass

0564 NBA League Pass

0565 NBA League Pass

0566 NBA League Pass

0567 NBA League Pass

0568 NBA League Pass

0569 NBA League Pass

0570 NBA League Pass

0571 NBA League Pass

0572 NBA League Pass

0825 Azteca

0827 Univision (Este)

0828 Univision (Oeste)

0831 Telefutura (Oeste)

0833 Galavision (Este)

0834 Pasiones

0835 Telemundo

0836 Telemundo (West)

0838 Mund2 Television

0839 Canal Uno Internacional

0840 TV Españoña Int.

0841 TV Columbia

0843 Hispanic Info & Tel

0844 Television Dominicana

0845 Discovery En Español

0846 V-ME

0847 Disney XD

0848 CBeebies

0850 History  Channel  en Español

0854 Espn Deportes

0855 Fox Sports Español

0857 Canal Sur

0858 Teleformula

0859 CNN Español

0862 De Pelicula

0863 De Pelicula Clasico

0865 Cine Latino

0868 Telehit

0870 Hit Tv

0872 Mtv Tr3s



Here is the Bell Expressvu Channel list you may receive with the same receiver!

1010...DV SRC - Montréal(CBFT)
1011...DV SRC - Ontario-Outaouais(CBOFT)
1012...DV SRC - Edmonton(CBXFT)
1015...DV VRAK.TV
1020...DV OMNI 1(CFMT)
1021...DV OMNI 2(CJMT)
1025...DV YTV - East
1027...DV Slice
1028...Food Network Canada
1030...DV Bravo! Canada
1031...DV E! Entertainment Television Canada
1032...DV Discovery Channel Canada
1048...The Accessible Channel
1050...DV Audio EPG
1051...DV CBC - East(Toronto-CBLT)
1052...DV CBC - West(Vancouver-CBUT)
1053...DV CTV – East(Toronto-CFTO)
11054...DV CTV - West(Vancouver-CIVT)
1055...DV Global - East(Toronto-CFCF)
1056...DV Global - West(Vancouver-CHAN)
1057...DV Citytv – Eaast(Toronto-CITY)
1058...DV Citytv - West(Vancouver-CKVU)
1061...DV CTV - Norther Ontario/Sudbury(CICI)
1062...DV CTV - Winnipeg(CKY)
1063...DV CBC - Winnipeg(CBWT)
1064...DV CBC - Atlantic(CBNT)
1065...DV VisionTV
1066...DV CTV Two – Toronto/Barrie(CKVR)
1067...DV CTV Twoo - Victoria/Vancouver(CIVI)
1068...DV Global - Saskatoon(CFSK)
1069...DV Global - Calgary(CICT)
1070...DV CTV - Montreal(CFCF)
1074...DV PBS - East(WGBH)
1075...DV PBS - West(KCTS)
1076...DV CTV - Calgary(CFCN)
1077...DV CTV - Edmonton(CFRN)
1078...DV Global – Winnipeg(CKKND)
1080...DV The Weather Network
1081...DV MétéoMédia
1082...DV Treehouse TV
1083...DV Home & Garden TV Canada
1084...DV History Television
1085...DV Teletoon - East
1086...DV Teletoon - West
1087...DV Télétoon
1088...DV The Comedy Network –“ East
1089...DV The Comedy Network - West
1090...DV Space: The Imagination Station
1091...DV Tvtropolis
1092...DV Disney Family Channel - East
1093...Dv Disney Family Channel - West
1100...SRC - Acadie/Moncton(CBAFT)
1113...SHOP 1
1114...V - Montréal(CFJP)
1115...TVA - Montréal(CFTM)
1118...SRC - Winnipeg(CBWFT)
1119...SRC - Edmonton(CBXFT)
1120...SRC - Vancouver(CBUFT)
1121...TVA - Ouest(Montréal-CFTM)
1124...Réseau Info Sports
1125...SRC - Ontario-Outaouais(CBOFT)
1126...Réseau d'information
1127...Le Canal Nouvelles
1129...Canal D
1135...Canal Vie
1141...Musique Plus
1184...Channel Lock Out Info
1195...Free Preview Information Channel
1199...NTV - St. John's(CJON)
1200...CBC – Atlantic(CBNT)
1201... CTV-HH
1202...CTV Two - East(Atlantic)
1203...CBC - Halifax(CBHT)

1204...Global - Halifax(CIHF)
1208...CBC - Ottawa(CBOT)
1209...CTV Two - Ottawa/Pembroke(CHRO
1212...CTV – Toronto(CFTO)
1214...Citytv -- Toronto(CITY)
1215...OMNI 1(CFMT)
1216...OMNI 2(CJMT)
1219...CTV Two - Barrie/Toronto(CKVR)
1220...CTV Two - London(CFPL)
1221...CTV - Northern Ontario/Sudbury(CICI)
1225...CTV - Winnipeg(CKY)
1226...CBC - Winnipeg(CBWT)
1227...Global - Winnipeg(CKND)
1228...Citytv - Winnipeg(CHMI)
1230...CBC - Edmonton(CBXT)
1233...CKWS - Kingston
1234...Global - Montreal(CKMI)
1235...CTV - Regina(CKCK)
1240...Global - Edmonton(CITV)
1242...CBC - Yellowknife(CFYK)
1246...Citytv - Calgary(CKAL)
1247...CBC - Regina(CBKT)
1250...CTV - Vancouver(CIVT)
1252...Global – Vancouver(CHAN)
1255...CCHEK - Victoria
1267...CTV Two - Alberta
1269...APTN - Winnipeg
1270...APTN North – Yellowknife(CHTTY)
1271...Free Preview Information Channel
1280...NBC - East(WHDH)
1281...ABC - East(WCVB)
1282...CBS - East(WBZ)
1283...Fox - East(WFXT)
1284...PBS - East(WGBH)
1286...SHOP 2
1296...WSBK - Boston
1298...KTLA - Los Angeles
1300...The Movie Network
1301...The Movie Network - MFest
1302...The Movie Network - MExcess
1304...The Movie Network - Mpix
1306...HBO Canada - East
1307...HBO Canada - West

1333...W Movies
1389...Wild TV
1401...The Sports Network 2 1404...Gol-TV
1405...Sportsnet - Ontario
1406...Sportsnet - East
1408...Sportsnet - West
1409...ESPN Classic Canada
1410...The Score
1411...Outdoor Lifestyle Network
1413...CBS Sports Network
1415...NBA TV Canada
1417...Speed Channel
1418...Rogers Sportsnet One
1419...World Fishing Network
1420...Setanta Sports
1421...NHL Network
1448...NFL Network
1500...CNN - Cable News Network
1501...CTV News Channel
1502...CBC News Network
1504...Business News Network
1507...Fox News Channel
1510...BBC World News
1512...CPAC - Cable Public Affairs Channel
1514...ichannel - The Issues Channel
1515...TECH G4 Canada
1520...Discovery Channel Canada
1521...TLC - The Learning Channel
1522...History Television
1523...Discovery Science Canada
1524...National Geographic Channel Canada
1525...Animal Planet Canada
1528...Investigation Discovery Canada
1530...Bite TV
1551...YTV - East
1552...YTV - West
1553...Treehouse TV
1554...Teletoon - East
1555...Teletoon - West
1556...Family Channel Canada - East
1557...Family Channel Canada - West
1575...Country Music Television
1576...Black Entertainment Television
1598...SHOP 3
1599...TELETOON Retro
1600...Home & Garden Television Canada
1602...W Network
1603...Food Network Canada
1614...SHOP 4
1615...A&E Network
1617...Showcase - West
1618...TVtropolis - East
1621...E! Entertainment Television Canada
1622...The Biography Channel Canada
1625...The Comedy Network - East
1631...Military Channel
1651...Crossroads Television System
1716...Fairchild TV - East (some Mandarin)
1717...Fairchild TV - East
1729... SONY

All the above includes the free lifetime files for opening your satellite receiver. This includes lifetime membership, online real time support, access to wholesalers for reputable hardware that will allow you to do this.

2) You also get access to the files that will open your Apple TV, if you have one, plus the simple instructions how to do this.

On demand pay movies are now completely open. All movies are free to view. All you need is an internet connection and Apple TV, plus the added software you can donwload and you will get all the movies. You do not need a netflix account! Just plug the box into you internet connection, then connect the box to the TV and you are good to go (After applying the files!)

Other Features are!

You can put addon's which will enable you to open up all sorts of new video channels such as G4TV, Revision3, National Geographic, and even your Google Reader account to name a few.

Another great addon allows you to watch Hulu.

One thing that this addon is great for is being a media server. If your mac has a whole bunch of media on it that you don't want to convert into iTunes, this is a great option for you to stream your computer's media to your TV

You can even have a whole slew of plugins you can use at your disposal for things like enabling ftp into your device for easy file transfers from your computer to the device.

Last, but certainly not least, where you'll be able to control your device even if your Television is off. It brings up a display of your device's "desktop" If you're stuck in a traffic jam or out on a romantic date and want to have a movie rental queued up when you get home, just open up Remote HD on your device (assuming you have internet) and select the show or movie you want ready. You can't watch your movie or tv show over your device, but you can stream audio. Not sure how well audio playback would be because it will have to stream from your computer to your ATV and then from ATV to your device. Over 3g it may be a little choppy, but it's still pretty darn cool. For more on this visit this tutorial to install and be able to control your device from work, school, or anywhere really.

3) 24 hour online support for any questions with setting up your satellite dish or receiver and how to open your channels!

All this for $150 Just click to order.


If you click on the mailbox below it will open a page with a direct click link to my email. I am doing this to avoid spam. Sorry for the extra click!

If you want to reach me, just click on the mailbox to write me a message!

Now Back to Dishnet and Bell Expresvue which are open for free. No Subscription needed.

These receivers have HDMI, see photo below. I do not sell receivers but purchase guides included in the package.

Receiver Back


Here is a great free link listing of all the stationary satellites that are bringing us TV

Check out the footprint on the page telling you what size dish you need, also the other tabs especially the satellite, charts, and packages. Remember we can now get nagra3 encryption!

Donation Options


If you want to see what other satellites and channels/programs you can receive I have a very cool software program you can use. It lists virtually every satellite around the world with all the channels each one receives. It also tells you what size dish you need to receive programming from that satellite. It also tells you what transponder each channel is on plus all the frequencies, which is a great tool for programming your receiver for better channel scanning. Also you can sort by language, so if you are interested in Ethnic programming you can readily see what interests you. Once installed, give the software a minute and you will see the thousands of channels available. To download the program, just click on the paypal button below and help make a contribution to this site. I will then send you the software link for downloading It is all for the same product, the pricing is for those want to make a larger donation to keep this site going. If you want to help keep this site alive you can make a donation which would be greatly appreciated, and I will send you a satellite program that lists all satellites that cover the earth, and which channels they broadcast, and who can receive thse signals.

Donations choose options 1,2 or 3 in the drop down box. $5, $10, or $25
Software/Channel Satellite


Interested in ordering? Do you want the latest pricing? Do you have any questions? Need more info, read on. Push the mailbox icon to contact me.

If you click on the mailbox below it will open a page with a direct click link to my email. I am doing this to avoid spam. Sorry for the extra click!

If you want to reach me, just click on the icon above to write me a message!


I have a list of other receivers for Direct TV and FTA receivers at the bottom of this page.


Other specials I have for this month are new scooters shipped to your house by a bonded delivery service. These are new in the crate. Special is $999, delivery is free to your door if you live in the USA. More info at Normally these are $1800 so take advantage of this limited offer.

Other items for sale at This is an assortment of scooters, hobby stuff, electronics, computer accessories, diving gear, and a whole bunch of useful things. Check out the darkroom and photo stuff!


More info than you need, but this tells you what you really get in detail.

Here is a user's review of one ouf our similiar units. Procedures are similiar to all units!


Has front door for USB and optional card reader, the front has the usual button, channel up and down, volume up and down, Menu, and OK button. The rear comes equipped with RCA, Component, S Video, or HDMI, SPDIF, RS232C, and built in fan for cooling

Set up

I proceeded to connect HDMI, Coaxial, and Power Source and then turned the power on to navigate through the menu screens. Another cool thing with HDMI is you could also hook your RCA Cables to the receiver and connect to a VCR if you need to record something on it if need be. Check the dish setting to see and quickly noticed the quality registers higher than the strength and that the quality also fluctuates between 91% to 100%. I then Closed out and was ready to Flash.

Programming and Saving

I now decided to save the factory Bin and the latest release to my computer and transfer from there to my USB stick to upload to the receiver. 1st step was top load the Factory Rom V 101, took about 1 ½ minutes to load then ask to reboot, now ready to load the latest release, and then once loaded ask to reboot again. I now set all my Antenna settings and saved. I then set all my user settings and saved, another cool little feature in there is the front LED brightness can be adjusted. Then I set my time setting. Then I set my local settings and also set all my user options and saved. I was now ready to scan, I decided to do an individual scan to make sure I got an exact count of each Sat channels. Once I did an individual scan of all 4 Sats all was good , so I then decided to go back and try the multiple scan feature which is in the same place but when going to your Sats you hit the Blue button on your remote to save the Sat as your favorite, once I saved all 4 Sats I then press the Yellow button to scan all. Once all was done I then decided to tune to DN channel and waited for it to roll, DN took exactly 2 minutes to roll, then went to BEV Channel, and remember BEV is renumber by 2000 and that took about 4 minutes to roll, then I proceeded and checked to make sure all channels scanned in fine. Now once viewing I adjusted the picture and made sure it was set to 16:9 and turned the display mode to Full screen. Picture quality is pretty impressive. Then proceeded to check my locals, they worked but local number renumbering did not, so I will have to look into that more.


Remote is pretty slick, not small in size but range is good, and has a TV, VCR, DVD, and STB button. And multiple feature buttons. Menu and exit buttons are in the right place, would prefer the numbers to be on top but this will do. Also has a sleeper time button. Red button alone enables the time feature, Green button brings up the Category menu, Yellow button brings up the AV settings, and the blue button is for USB if connected. Also has a radio and Sat button which does work. Zoom button, and a search button.

My next testing will be the PVR function and I will report that later on as that will take a little more time to test. For now that is it and I must say this is my first SV product and I am pleasantly impressed. I will also post some pictures for you all to see.

OK today decided to play a little with the PVR and use the USB stick to start all was good, so far no issues, I then decided to try to use my WD USB not powered 80 Gig drive and kept saying USB not found, tried formatting and the same message, Will do more testing as the day goes on, and in case I will be asked it is formatted in Fat32. Below are some screenshots of the unit.



That is really all the information you need. The rest are just model specifications and technical details. You can stop reading here unless you want to read a lot of technical info. Other just email me and ask me more specific questions.



Note that All of Direct TV is down...nothing is working at this time for Direct TV in an way shape or form. I do not support Direct TV as nothing works for it.

I have a garage sale at if you are interested in any electronic gadgets, darkroom stuff, or other things I am getting rid of.


People still send me emails asking if anything works for Direct TV. Nothing out there works for Direct TV!



Interested in ordering? Do you want the latest pricing? Do you have any questions? Need more info, read on. Push the mailbox icon to contact me.

If you click on the mailbox below it will open a page with a direct click link to my email. I am doing this to avoid spam. Sorry for the extra click!

If you want to reach me, just click on the icon above to write me a message!




This box does not decode Nagra2. It won't decode Dishnetwork like the above boxes. NO PPV movies, no major networks or specialty channels. This is for international TV!The box pictured left are Free to Air receivers. It is the best unit for International viewing. If you don't want the hassle of a computer you can get the device as a stand alone. No computer needed! It comes with a remote control, automatic channel scanning, signal meter, and a list of satellites you can point to. The box comes as a free to air receiver. It does not decoded encrypted channels. See chart below for International programming. Special!$55 US plus shipping














Here is a list of the free to air channels you can view with the receiver at $55. You cannot get Dishnet with this receiver.






Other Channels




This list may be changed with out notice.  We promise free tv channel programming with these units.

ARABIC IRANIAN (Persian, Farsi, Iranian)
  • Syria TV
  • Abu-Dhabi
  • Al-Manar
  • Dubai News
  • Dubai Business
  • Dubai Sport
  • Nile TV
  • Palestine
  • Iraq TV
  • Kuwait TV
  • Saudi TV
  • NBN Int.
  • Qatar TV
  • Jordan
  • Yemen
  • Al-Alam
  • Kuwait Radio
  • Saudi Radio
  • NITV/National Iranian TV
  • Iran TV/ITN
  • PARS
  • Jaam-a-Jam Tehran
  • Mille TV
  • FAN Farsi Net
  • Channel One
  • Tapesh TV
  • IPN/Tamasha
  • Jam-A-Jam Int.
  • Azadi
  • Apadana Int.
  • Iran Radio
  • Farsi Net Radio
  • Bahai Radio
EUROPE ASIAN  (Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Haitian, Kurdistan, India)
  • Romanian TV
  • Fashion TV
  • TV Romania
  • Euro-News in 7 Languages
  • DA-1
  • SC
  • UCN
  • BLTV
  • ETTV-1
  • USTV
  • JET
  • SET-1
  • MAC TV
  • DA-A1
  • BNE-TV
  • ASIA
  • SVC/Super Value
  • Haitian/HSTV
  • Tamil TV
  • SBC
  • Maharishi
Oriental Channels:
  • Korean (3)
  • Thai
  • Vietnam
  • TRT International
  • STV World Voice of Turkey
  • ATV
  • Li6
  • IFF3


Please note or products will not work in Australia for Foxtel.


Plus Spanish Programming!

TV Azteca
TV Chile
TV Colombia
TV Española Internationa
Telefutura Este
Telefutura Oeste
Telemundo Este
Telemundo Oeste
Univisión Este

Univisión Oeste



Cine Latino
De Película
De Película Clásico
Fox Sports en Español
Gol TV
Discovery en Español
MTV Español
CD-Fiesta Mexicana
CD-Latin Styles
CD-Latino Pop
CD-Miami Mix
CD-Viva Mariachi



International Programming as well!

Arabic Channels

The most comprehensive Arabic Language Packages available in America! Imagine watching channels directly form the Middle East with sports, dramas, TV series, documentaries, and the Egyptian Soccer League from the comfort of your own home.

Includes: ART Global, ART Movies, LBC, Al Jazeera, ESC-1, Future TV, Nile Drama, Dubai Satellite Channel, ART Music Radio, Radio Al Zikr

South Asian Channels

100% digital channels delivered straight to your home. ZEE TV, TV ASIA, Sony Entertainment Televison, B4U and ZEE Gold are all provided to you on DISH Network at an exceptional value. All services give you the best movies, music, dramas, sports, children's programs and much more - direct from India! 

Includes: Zee TV, Sony Entertainment Television, TV ASIA, B4U, Zee Cinema , Set, Sun TV

Chinese Channels

Phoenix North America Chinese Channel, CCTV-4 and ATV Home Channel. . These channels provide extensive coverage from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and other countries in the Asian Pacific region. Imagine watching incredible television consisting of the latest movies, TV series, sports, news, infotainment, children's programs, music videos, documentaries and travelogues to the Chinese communities in the United States.

These channels features three Mandarin and Cantonese-language channels with content from Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. The Mabuhay Channel a Tagalog-language channel, offers news, entertainment, movies, public affairs, music, lifestyle, documentaries, children's entertainment, sports and travel programs 24 hours a day.  With the collaboration of 5 different Filipino Media Companies: ABC Channel 5, NBN Channel 4, CCI Asia Group, Viva Entertainment and Philippine Multimedia Systems Inc. The Mabuhay Channel brings the most exciting and popular programming directly from the Philippines. The Mabuhay Channel's programming includes comprehensive news programs such as "Teledyaryo Ala Una", daily Filipino movies and much more.

Greek Channels

These channels provide extensive coverage of Greece's most popular programming consisting of the latest movies, TV series, sports, news, children's programs, music videos and documentaries.

Greek Language Package
Includes: Antenna Satellite, ERT SAT, MEGA Cosmos

Polish  Channels

These top-quality channels provide a variety of general entertainment including news, series, dramas, sports, and children's programming. A fantastic way to stay in touch with your homeland. Polish Language Includes: Polsat 2 International, TVN 24, Radio Maria Poland
Russian Channels

Russian Language Package. RTVi and RTVi provide news, movies, sports, and music and are sure to add some homeland to your home . 2-Channel Russian Package
Includes: RTVi and RTVi Plus NTV America
Korean Channels

SBS, MBN, KBS, and Arirang TV are all provided Enjoy watching incredible television consisting of the latest movies, TV series, sports, news, infotainment, children's programs, music videos, documentaries and travelogues to the Korean communities in the United States.

Israeli Channel

The Israeli Network.

Plus Many more

Every country just about available!

Free TV in the Caribbean!

St. Maarten receives its first FTA receiver.

In St. Maarten, (pictured above) in the West Indies, a satellite pc card was installed with a 6 foot dish that brought in satellites, 110, 119, and 61.5., basically all of Dishnet, where it is legal to do. This was done without a satellite receiver or access card! Althought the 6 foot dish is overkill, even in Caribbean standards, it was handy, so we used it, but a 4 foot dish would have worked just as well. In the United States an 18 inch dish is all that is needed for legal free to air TV.


If you are in St. Maarten and need a system set up call Leroy or visit him at his showroom. He can be reached at 011-599-554-0248 or 011-599-522-0248. In St. Maarten, the list above, are but some of the channels we brought in - Plus, Plus...all the ppv movies and sports events! The list is not complete as all the HBO channels came in plus about 70 local channels which brought in seveal PBS's as well as several Warner Brother's channels. Also many more of the movie channels came in such as IFC, Starz and Encore, but the list gives you a genereal idea...

So how can I get this? Well it starts with a free to air receiver. This is a legitimate recevier that will get only authorized, free to the public access channels. Usualy these are news channels and public service channels. Below is a list of the channels available on just a few of the satellites. If you are living in an authorized area you may apply software to open up the rest of the channels as was done in St. Maarten. Once you have the this system, you can, on your own modify it. I cannot do that for you as it may be illegal depending on where you live. You will have to add the files yourself but it is a very simple procedure.


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