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This site Updated March 28 2017
This is a live match of Tennis in HD from Europe which is not broadcast here.
Irish Live Sports
Live TV from Spain, who would think it would be TV from the USA?
Movies in HD. This one playing is Ex Machina in 1080 HD. Plus through the surround system the sound was great. Although not 5.1 it was still amazing.
$650 Live TV and Movie Player
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The following are a couple of interesting screen captures. This will be of most interest to sports people. You can watch all the international sports games as well as local live sports. Great for soccer and hockey fans! This includes games from Europe that are not broadcast here or games that are blacked out. Includes, cricket, British football or any live sport being broadcast.
Say goodbye to cable and Netflix! Without any fees what so ever, you will be watching all the latest movies and live TV shows. Just plug the box into your TV or PC, connect to the  internet (wired or wireless), add the free software and with a few clicks you will be  watching live tv from around the world.  These boxes are good in North America or Europe. Just state the country you are in and I will send the appropriate plug. All you need is a high speed internet connection. Once plugged in and running, the box will present you similiar menus as that of NetFlix, and with a simple click you can start watching your movies or tv shows in a matter of a few moments. Many of the movies are in HD or 3D.  It is very easy to navigate the system as the menus are broken down into latest movies, most popular, action, dramas, etc. There is even a search feature which will be further broken down into seasons and episodes. Click on what you want to watch and got it! I did my research and found the best box on the market.  The reason I prefer this box over the others is that it has never has yet frozen.  On other models with less memory, when you surf between shows, the box freezes on average every twelve minutes. This has never happened to me yet and I surf like a nut. So to avoid any issues just get the best which also comes with the manufacturer’s guarantee. Here are the tech specifications of the player. Processor Quad-Core Cortex 64 Bit Processor GPU 4 Core 450 Gpu Internal Storage 16 GB emmc 5.0 Wireless 802.11  Dual Band 2.4 and 5 GHZ, Bluetooth 4.1 Video HDM1 2 up to 4K@60 HZ Audio HDMI 2.0 3,5 mm Stero, Optical SPDIF as well Inerface RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet - Supports hot spot sharing Micro SD Reader 3 USB Ports OTG Port Microphone Jack Headphone jack IR Receiver Power DC 5V, 3.0 Amps Supported Formats   /DAT/MPEG/MPE/MPG/TS/TP VOB ISO/AVI/MP4/MOV /3GP/FLV  /MKV / M2TS /MTS /M4V /WMV /ASF  Supported Audio MP2/MP3/WMA/WAV/OGG/OGA/FLAC/ALAC/APE/AAC  Formats   So what can the box do for me. Basically you can stream just about any movie with a simple search and click. This covers silent movies to current DVD releases.  Noting could be easier. Or choose from the box covers like Netfix and you are good to go. But even better. There is live TV. You will find most of the premium channels, plus tons of live sports, hockey, including baseball, football, soccer, rugby, cricket. horse racing, skiing, water sports, and whatever else is broadcast. I cannot list all the channels because of this; there are literally hundreds of areas you can go into. Such as Italy live TV, Russian live tv, Brazilian TV, and in each section, there are several if not twenty to thirty in each each section has dozens of channels to choose from. So one branch can lead to a few hundred channels. And there are hundreds of branches. Literally there are 10’s of thousands of live tv channels to watch.  I did a quick search and here is a sample of what is probably the most popuplar in America. Ok, here goes..but tons missing as there is too much to explore.
By the way, this is random, in no special order, and very incomplete. ABC HD, ABC News, CBS, CBS News (1080P),  CNBC, CNN, Comedy Channel, Discovery, E! (HD), ESPN2, Espn (720), Fix TV (HD), Food Network, Fox HD, Fox Sports 1 and 2(720), Freedom (HD), FX, Hallmak, HBO US, Signature, andZone. DIY (HD), History HD, HSN, ID Crime, MLB HD, Nat Geo HD, Nat Geo Britian, Sprortsnet 360, Sportsnet One, At the Races, AlJazeer, Box Nation, BT Sports 1 and 2, ESPN, ESPN Extra, Cartoon Network, Discovery History, Discovery Investigation, Science Channel, Turbo,Eurosport 1, 2, 3 and 4, ID, ITV2 (Irish TV), Nicktoons, Premier Sports (1080), RTE 1 and 2, Setanta Sports, Sky Sports 1,2,3,4,5 (HD) Sky Sport F1, BBC 1,2,3,4 and 5, Bravo, TSN 1 and 2 both in HD, TSN Sport 1 (HD), TSN Sport 2 (HD) these two last are different feeds, U of Calif, USA Network, Virgin TV, Willow TV (cricket), Comedy Channel, NBA (720), NBC Golf HD, Nickelodeon 720, Showtime 2.  Spike HD, Star Max, Tennis Channel HD, Travel Channel, UK Zee TV, Zee Cinema, Zee Punjabi, Animal Planet, Love Nature, Food Network, Sky TV 1,2,3(HD), 4(HD), SCYFY, Fight (Boxing and WWE), RAI 1,2,3,4,5 There are thousands more!  There is way too much to go through. There was an area of dozens of Cinemax, Movie Max, Showtime, and all of Skymax Movies. But movies you can stream when you want, you don’t have to wait for the live Sky max movies to start.  I also found live TV from these countries; USA, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Poland, Abhu Dhabi, France, Colombia, Italy, and plus....  There are also free on demand movies and TV shows for these countries as well.
Here are some more popular station screen grabs!
HBO Signature
HBO Family
Astro Supersport 2
Nat Geo Wild
Animal Planet
No Subscription Fees Ever!
National Geographic